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Cub Scout Pack 551
(Lilburn, Georgia)
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Pack 551 Welcomes You

Cub Scout Pack 551

Lilburn, GA

How To Become a Cub Scout

Pack 551 Welcomes You

Joining Cub Scouts-

At first glance, you may be intimidated by what looks like a lot of invasive paperwork.  Please don't be afraid.  We only bite on camping trips.

Here's the deal:
Your son(s) should be entering into 1st - 5th Grade in the fall.  All boys are welcome in this age group, regardless of skin color, religion, or national origin.  You may join as early as June in the year of going into 1st Grade.

There is a form for new Scouts.  You can download it below.  You can also find a link for a new Leader application below.

There are a few expenses at first.  When you first join, you will be asked to pay a small fee to cover registration.  After that, we pay a fee each year to cover the costs of Boy's Life Magazine, our advancement awards and patches, Pinewood Derby and Raingutter Regatta cars and boats, and some other expenses.  Most of our real expenses are paid with money we get from fundraising events throughout the year.  You will also find yourself in need of a uniform and handbook, which have some cost attached.  These are available at any of several stores run by the Boy Scouts.  The one we visit most often is in Lawrenceville, but there is one in downtown Atlanta and others spread over the metro area as well.

We will ask for medical information about your Scout and about his parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  This is because our outings are family events and we have to have medical forms in the event of an emergency or injury.  None of the paperwork is ever sent off or given to anyone unless it is needed because you or your Scout gets hurt.  It also helps us know if a Scout has a condition that is not readily apparent, such as asthma, which could have dangerous consequences.  Lastly, this helps us plan meals when camping to avoid allergies or religious preferences.  If you wish to discuss the medical forms, we are happy to do so anytime.  The intent is safety, not intrusiveness.  You can download the medical forms below.  Please note, only adults over 40 need to have a doctor sign off.  All others can get through this very easily for the most part.

Icon File Name Comment  
2009 Medical.pdf 2009 Medical Forms  
Application adult.pdf New Leader Application  
Application youth.pdf New Scout Application